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“Literature is the best thing humanity has. Poetry is the heart of literature, the highest concentration of everything that is the best in the world and in man. It is the only true food for your soul.”  
Lyudmila Ulitskaya



We are a chapter of PEN American Center, part of a global association of writers celebrating literature and defending free expression. We make our home at the MIT School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences.


Stand with Us

Join New England's diverse literary community, and gain access to an international network of writers from 150 PEN centers worldwide. Take part in an ongoing literary conversation, and join a legacy extending from Dickinson to Oliver, Thoreau to Zinn, Alcott to Russo.

PEN members stand for the free and open exchange of literature and ideas. Members are ambassadors defending free expression for everyone, everywhere. 


Your membership to PEN New England entitles you to an array of benefits:

  • Fellowship in a historic community of writers, literary professionals, and supporters of free expression
  • Special invitations to our programs, literary celebrations, and members-only events, receptions, and salons
  • Reserved seating at select events
  • Simultaneous advocate membership to PEN American Center
  • PEN New England book bag (Partners and above)
  • Inscribed first editions (Lifetime members and above)

Membership Levels

Open to everyone who supports PEN’s mission and provides a vital base of volunteers plus support for PEN’s programs and advocacy.

Make an additional donation to support special initiatives and outreach programs for underserved communities.

Lifetime—$1,000 one-time
Join a dynamic circle of friends who provide indispensable and sustaining support.

Patron—$5,000 and above
For those able to champion literature and free expression at stewardship levels.

Join / Renew

Support our mission with a Special Gift

For those who wish to make special contributions in support of existing programs or areas of interests, including outreach programs to unserved communities, advancing efforts to promote free expression, and defending writers at risk.

For more information about championing literature and free expression at stewardship levels, contact Karen Wulf at
pen-newengland [at] mit [dot] edu